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OLIVIA CHANG is a California licensed doctor of chiropractic and practices in southern California.

She has post-doctoral credentials by the American Chiropractic Association as Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and has gained much sports medicine experience working on the medical team of several professional sports including beach volleyball and rodeo.  She has also treated cast and crew on television and film sets, including A-list actors.

What makes Dr. Chang's approach to health care stand out is her integrative techniques combining spiritual beliefs, thoughts & emotions, nutrition & lifestyle, and specific restructuring exercise therapy. Her hands-on approach includes the use of the non-force Activator, Hill Flexion-Distraction table, traditional joint manipulation, interactive propioceptive soft tissue technique, Young Living essential oils and physiotherapy modalities. What we believe, how we choose to act and the experiences recorded in our subconscious mind work together to drive physiology in the body.  We can live in a stressful fight/flight existence with our nervous system ramped up daily (leading to pain and disease) or we can provide a peaceful, calm and safe environment for our bodies to thrive and excel.

Dr. Chang encourages her patients to examine and change their lifestyle, belief system and response to life's situation as part of their treatment plan.  This serves to empower patients to take responsibility for their optimal wellness instead of reacting to life's breakdowns.

Check out her website:  www.drchanghealth.com

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